One Vision, One Breath, One Recode

How it Works


All it takes is one step to start to free yourself from the limitations you have created for yourself.
One step to start to free yourself from the boundaries of your mind.
These limitations influence our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.
Within 3 months you can learn how to get into the right mental and emotional structure so that you become the creator of your life without hesitation. And you can learn how to connect to your Superconscious that’s where all the wisdom and knowledge lie.  We will learn how to tap into the energy body of ourselves. We are an extension of source energy. The physical manifested body of ours is just a small percentage of who we are.
What is Superconscious understanding?
Superconscious memory is the mother of all memories. It is the connection to our higher self and to source from where all wisdom comes.
Our conscious memory is connected with our ego state, very much a mental state that is driven by our intellect and connected with our thoughts and willpower.
Unconscious memory is connected to our feelings and very much an automated response to our thought processes.
Trough meditation and inner breath work we learn to connect to our Superconscious.
And on a superconscious level we are all one and that’s where the Recode and the Magnetic Mind Coach comes in handy.
Through my connection with your Superconscious and your permission we can beautifully and easily take a shortcut and release mental and emotional blockages through commands within minutes.
But you need to be in the right structure yourself and by then able to envision a goal you would love to create in your life and fully feel into it.
You have to be it before you see it for alinged manifestation to occur.
You will learn:
One Vision: How to choose a true goal for your life and how to connect to your inner path and your inner Vision so that you align with your true nature in thought and feeling.
One Breath: Connect to your inner breath and learn to be still, only then you can create new emotional set points based on the person you want to be rather than the person you need to change.
One Recode: Through the Superconscious Recode learn to replace old habits, beliefs and feelings with new ones and step into a new reality with a deep understanding of how manifestation occurs. The Recode serves as a powerful process enabling us to take the ACTION towards our true goals.

“Through meditation and inner breath work we learn to connect to our Superconscious.. “

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