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Magnetic Mind, Superconscious Recode

To Free Your Lifes Vision

    Patricia Raedler


    I am a fully qualifed certified Magnetic Mind coach. I want to give back to my clients what I have learned, especially through the last few years. Through COVID my whole life changed.

    Dear Patricia,

    ” With gratitude I am writing this review regarding my sessions with you and having completed these recodes.
    These started with me having a different perspective and though being spiritual all my life blew me away.
    Your ability to connect with Source and openly discuss past issues and relevant situation.
    Really empowered me to look beyond what humans view as being broken. We are not broken and your
    attitude showed me this very much with your sessions. Though my life circumstances are constantly
    changing I became more aware that we can be the masters of our own destiny and that the life we have NOW
    is not all that it is. We can co create our positive outcomes and grow from every experience.
    Another words we have the POWER to bring our future into the present. Your sessions with myself
    have been very valuable and very enjoyable too. I know from my experiences with you I have grown ,
    and allowing this information to flow , was a key factor , which in tail I have noticed growth.
    All be it slow, yet positive. You are truly an awesome woman and I feel with your knowledge you are
    now empowering other people and again I want to say a massive thank you with gratitude from having
    the privilege of getting to work with you. It has truly been an honour .
               Thank you again”

    Barry Barnes Jones

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